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Lots of Flexibility Provided Through Elementor

RealHomes is a handcrafted WordPress theme for real estate websites. It provides design variations, a high level of customizability, and advanced functionality through elementor.

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Features that Make Us Customizable and Versatile Real Estate WordPress Theme



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Choose The Best Navigation Style

Choose from the Best Navigation Variations for Your Real Estate Website

Header Variation One

Header Variation Two

Header Variation Three

Classic Design Header

Header One - Elementor

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More Footer Styles

Elementor Based Footers

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Choose The Best Search Form Style

Select from the Best Search Form Variations for Your Website

Search Form Variation One

Search Form Variation Two

Classic design variation Search Form

More Search Form Styles

Elementor Based Search Form Variations

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Single Property Variations

Check Out a Few of the Available Single property Design Variations

Modern - Agent in Sidebar


Modern - Full Width


Modern - Gallery Columns


Classic - Default


Classic - Agent in Sidebar


Classic - Gallery Bottom Thumb


User/Member's Dashboard that is Truly Reliable and Customizable

Since the release of version 3.12, a newly designed users/members dashboard has been added, where users can easily manage some of the following features.

Well Documented and Supported by A Team You Can Trust

We have a dedicated support team to help our customers. After purchase, sign-up for assistance at our support platform.

RealHomes theme provides detailed documentation which you can use to find answers to your questions.

Free Updates

Your website will receive free and regular updates, compatible with industry standards and trends.

Multiple Properties Page Layouts

You Can Filter Properties to Display Based on Your Criteria

List Layout


Grid Layout


Half Map Layout


Full Width List Layout


Full Width Grid Layout


Classic - Search Layout


Classic - Grid Layout


Classic - Full Width Grid


Classic - Half Map Layout


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Fantastic customer support. If I had any issues or even wanted to customize it a bit, understanding that it might be a little out of scope for support, they still did everything they could to make sure I was able to produce the look and feel that I wanted. Love the RealHomes WordPress theme. Thanks again InspiryThemes!

Aileen Hagert


I did quite a bit of research on a functional and versatile real estate theme that would solve my needs. I landed on this one because of the professional design out of the box...and how it was turn key. All I had to do was take away features I did not need. It is LOADED! Beyond the robust offering and the customer support has been incredible.



This is genuinely the best theme I have ever bought in terms of super easy & clear instructions to follow (I have been a web designer for over 18 years now!) . The theme is fantastic, flexible and simply excellent to use. I cannot recommend enough,

Various Other Features

Scroll Down to Find Out a Few of the Many Other Real Estate Features Included in RealHomes.

Easy to Use Meta Boxes

RealHomes provides a rich set of meta boxes that are super easy to use. The goal of these meta boxes is to make it easier for you to add and modify a property.

Property Attachments

You can provide various types of files ( pdf, office documents, images, etc.) as attachments to a property. Related icons and links will be displayed on the property detail page.

Filterable FAQs Support

RealHomes theme provides FAQs support using the Quick and Easy FAQs plugin developed by Inspiry Themes. So you can add FAQs to your website and even make them filterable.

Additional Details

RealHomes provides an easy-to-use interface to add/modify/remove additional details of a property. This feature can be used in many ways, especially to add a certain type of information for which there is no other meta box available.

Floor Plans

You can add floor plans related to a property using an easy-to-use interface provided on the property edit page on the admin side. The information provided about floor plans will be displayed on the property detail page.

Sub Properties

RealHomes theme provides a sub properties module on the property detail page to display any sub/child properties ( like apartments in a building ). Each child property works as a full property independently.

Social Login Using Any Social Network

RealHomes provide Elementor support by including many real estate widgets to build custom pages. It also includes a pre-built Elementor-based demo import for you to get started on your project quickly.

Properties Filter Settings

RealHomes provides properties filter meta boxes for properties template. You can use these settings to display properties based on your choice of location, type, status, beds, baths, price, agent, or any combination of these.

Compare Properties

RealHomes theme includes compare properties feature that allows your website visitor to add properties to a compare pool and compare those properties side by side. Visitors do not need to log in to use this feature.

Similar Properties

RealHomes theme provides a similar properties module on the property detail page, which displays properties similar to the current property.

Agents Template

RealHomes provide agents template to list all agents on one page with related contact and social profiles details.

Front End - Edit Profile

RealHomes theme provides a front-end profile edit page. This page enables a user to edit his profile information without going to the dashboard.

Custom Widgets

This theme provides various custom widgets like Advance properties search widget, Feature properties widget, Featured properties related to a particular agent and property types widget.

Properties Gallery

RealHomes provides multiple templates to display your properties in the form of a gallery. Each template contains a quick filter based on property statuses.


This theme provides Testimonials support using the Quick and Easy Testimonials plugin developed by Inspiry Themes. So you can add Testimonials to your website using an easy-to-use shortcode.

Front End - Property Submit

This theme provides front end property submit template and related configurations. So you can restrict certain levels of users from accessing the administrator dashboard and provide them an interface on the front end to submit properties. Later on, the website administrator can review and publish the submitted properties. You can also configure the settings to auto-publish a property when the user pays a certain fee.

Favorite Properites

A visitor can add properties to his favorites collection to visit his/her favorites properties later on. Visitors do not need to log in to use this feature as if they are not logged in, then the favorite properties information is stored in cookies. But if the user is logged in, this information is stored in the database as user meta.

Front End - My Properties

RealHomes theme provides a template to display properties related to the current user on the front end. This template can be used to preview property, edit property, make a payment for property, or even removing a property. A user can pay through PayPal to get his submitted property published. The payment feature can be enabled or disabled from customizer settings.

Real Estate WordPress Theme

Design your page layouts with custom drag-and-drop widgets

RealHomes provide Elementor support by including many real estate widgets to build custom pages. It also includes pre built Elementor based demo import to quickly get started on your project.

Using iHomefinder Optima Express

IDX Support to Integrate Your MLS

iHomeFinder Optima Express - Modern


iHomeFinder Optima Express - Classic


We Understand Your Need

Integrated with These Plugins, Payment Gateways and Map Systems

Payment Gateways




Map System


Ease of Use

RealHomes Includes the Following Basic Features to Make it Easy for You to Use it

One Click Demo Import

RealHomes theme comes with a one-click demo import feature to help you quickly set up your site like the demo. After importing the demo, you can learn multiple things by simply observing how those are done on the demo imported site.

Detailed Documentation

Easy to understand and comprehensive documentation is included in RealHomes package and it is also available online. The documentation will guide you through all the stages of configuring the theme.


We have a dedicated support team to assist our customers. You can signup at our support platform and create a ticket to ask your question. We'll get back to you in the next 24 hours or within the defined time.

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